TAIDA – An Integrated One-stop Business Space Optimizing Service Provider. We have been providing one-stop, integrated and systematic solutions, to the customers with large and medium sized office, and commercial spaces



  • 泰达于深圳成立

    TAIDA was founded in 2007 at Shenzhen

  • 泰达主营建材产品销往全国市场,并在全国范围建立了数十个团队,在市场上崭露头角

    In 2010, TAIDA's main product -- building materials were sold to the national market, and dozens of teams were set up nationwide, which made its mark in the market.

  • 泰达凭借精致的产品与优异的服务,成功与沃尔沃、奔驰、工商银行、深圳“回”酒店等客户建立了长期合作

    From 2012 to 2016, Teda successfully established long-term cooperation with Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Shenzhen "Hui" Hotel and other customers with its exquisite products and excellent service.

  • 泰达成立了麦司酒店管理有限公司,并开始向多元化转变。投资并开发了一个精品商务连锁酒店品牌--“M@X HOTEL”。麦司酒店第一家旗舰店——康利城店,坐落于深圳市龙岗区华南城商圈核心地带,深圳市投资推广署国际化重点园区——康利城的中心位置

    In 2017, TAIDA founded Maisi Hotel Management Co., Ltd. We invested and developed our first chained boutique business hotel brand – M@X HOTEL. The fist flagship hotel is located in Kangli City, core area of CBD Huanan city, Longgang district, Shenzhen.

  • 泰达凭借敏锐的市场嗅觉与愿望,将进出口贸易、项目管理、商品陈列展示、弱电智能化等,纳入了自身服务范围

    In 2018, TAIDA has brought import and export trade, project management, merchandise exhibition and intelligent control of electronics into its service scope with its keen market sense and aspiration.



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